Best Programming and Software Development Conferences in 2019

Software Development Conference

Staying relevant and current in technology is very important, especially for programmers and software developers. One of the best ways to stay up to date is to attend a conference, where you can meet people from the same fields and hear top industry speakers. Leading professionals have a way to inspire people and get their creative juices flowing.

Programming conferences are great for making new connections with other professionals in the field, learning new skills, trying out some technical workshops, and taking a few classes.

If you are interested in improving your skills and gaining new perspective, we made a list of the best conferences based on location, date, and price. The list includes national and international options. Take a look and you are definitely going to find something relevant to you.

1. Go To Conference

April 28 - May 2
Chicago, Illinois

This event is deeply technological, aiming to connect experts with experts and peers with peers. The platform is easy and non-formal, lending a hand for quick connections with all industry insiders. This year’s conference will include such topics as cloud native, machine learning, micro services, trendy programming languages, and security. Participants will also have a chance to learn about the newest DevOps directions, security, and workflow without servers.

2. PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

April 29 – May 2
Bellevue, Washington

This conference takes place every year and invites all PowerShell community to join in the talks and idea sharing. There will be expert presentations and lots of networking opportunities. The main focus will be on Microsoft PowerShell automation and configuration. All guests will have ample opportunities to meet with experts and address their concerns in addition to getting to know other people in the industry. In the previous conferences there were software engineers from DevOps Collective, Rackspace, Puppet, and FM Global.

3. DockerCon

April 29 – May 2
San Francisco, California

DockerCon is a place to be for the newest trends in App development built with containers. Participants and beginners can meet professionals in the field with ample experience on the Docker platform and containers.

You will have plenty of opportunities to join technical talks, engage in hands-on labs, and meet innovators in the Docker field.

The previous speakers include the CEO of Docker and engineers from Codeship and Aqua Security.

4. Facebook F8

April 30 – May 1
San Jose, CA

This event is organized for all the people interested in products and services around a website. The main focus is Facebook, of course, supported by 50 different sessions on everything that is related to it. You will get engaged in talks about innovations, various updates, new functions, Messenger, video news, privacy, and Virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg always delivers a speech and at least one big new announcement is usually expected during this three-day meetup.

5. Jax DevOps

May 14 – 17
London, UK
400-1,200 Euros

Experts in software come to London for four days to hear about the latest technology and way to make their business lean. You can expect workshops, sessions, and speeches from local and international experts. All companies can benefit from this information involving modern day challenges and finding solutions. On the menu this year:

  • Agile and company culture
  • Cloud platforms and serverless operations
  • Container technologies
  • Delivery and automation
  • Microservices
  • Monitoring and diagnostics

There will be speakers from such technology giants as IBM, Elastic, Siemens, Open Credo, and Adobe.

6. DEVintersection

June 10-13
Orlando, FL
$1,649 - $3,196

The conference is definitely not cheap, but the price is well justified because of Microsoft experts leading the deep dive into new software development and technology. Microsoft experts and leading engineers will present over a 100 sessions about Azure, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Al, Big Data, Security, Mobile, and of course, Machine Learning.

You can expect speakers from Microsoft, SQL Skills, and Solliance.

7. DevOps Con

June 11-14
Berlin, Germany
413 – 1,979 Euros

The conference is known for touching on Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, Clouds, and Lean Business. The conference will be lead in English and German and will feature an exposition floor and over 60 speeches and sessions.

The event attracts experts in the field and speakers from Playn, Trivago, Google, and Netflix.

8. QCon New York

June 24-26
New York City, NY

The event is geared towards software engineers who are looking for ways to expand their field of knowledge and implement new technologies. The conference features 15 editorial tracks and includes over 140 speakers that come from Google, Uber, Slack, Twitter, and Dropbox.


July 15 – 18 Portland, Oregon $1,395 - $3,495

This annual event invites industry experts, engineers, developers, and business leaders to look at the industry as a whole and to find ways to implement new technology and innovation. The conference connects real world problems with problem solvers that can use open source for their companies.

Popular subject will be Bitcoin and what’s after, artificial intelligence, various immerging and older languages, new software methodologies, and Cloud developments.

10. Open Source Summit

August 21 – 23
San Diego, CA

The conference will be divided into three parts: Linux, Container, and Cloud. This structure is very inclusive and allows participants to attend their field of interest and focus. The event draws over 2,000 technology and industry leaders presenting keynotes about open source and latest trends in technology.

You can expect to hear from Linux foundation, Google Cloud, Intel, and Dream Corps if the event is anything like last year.

11. DevOps Summit

Fall of 2019
275 – 475 Euros

The summit is only one day, so it might be better suited for locals than international visitors, but if you happen to be nearby, definitely stop by to hear about microservices and containers, and their use for DevOps architecture. You will also learn about agility, automation ideas, security, the speed of delivery, and Docker developments.

Last year’s speakers were from IBM, Chef, and Atlassian.

12. Microsoft Ignite

November 4-8
Orlando, FL

The annual event is designed to provide a platform for sharing ideas between professionals, services, and products. You can participate in over 700 sessions, try your hand at technical training, work with innovative tools, and mingle with experts and peers in your field.

The main topics covered in this meetup are architecture, deployment, operations, management, migration, security, usage, and adoption. Last year’s speakers were leaders from Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe Systems.