Consulting for Architecture, Object and Component Technology

Matthias Bohlen is an independent consultant for software architecture, OO analysis, design and implementation of business systems. He has founded AndroMDA just to show clients how easy and effective it can be to use a model-driven approach for large scale software development projects.

If you run a software development project and you should have the need for some independent view and vendor-neutral expertise, it may make sense to ask Matthias for contract work.

What he does

Matthias works as a peer for his clients' software development teams during day to day development work. Conference talks and the writing of books and magazine articles goes hand-in-hand with the other activities. Main subjects of his work are:

  • OO analysis
  • OO design
  • component architectures
  • development tools
  • agile development processes
  • making development interesting and enjoyable

At work

Each project is different. How a project looks like, depends on three variables: culture, architecture and process. They form a triangle - when you change one of them, the rest will change, too. Therefore, try to see a project as a whole.

Consulting, coaching, training, mentoring - all these are ways to influence people to go into the direction "they always wanted to go but could not". In one project one way is used, in another project an alternative. It depends on how the three variables are configured in that particular company.

Stop philosophy - kneel down and get your hands dirty!

If you don't like the abstract talk above :-), here are some of the areas in which Matthias has particular expertise:

  • Object orientation (OOA, OOD, UML, CASE-tools)
  • Component development
  • System architecture
  • J2EE and lightweight derivatives of it
  • Java programming
  • Best practices for development (eXtreme Programming)
  • Highly efficient development tools (Eclipse, Ant, JUnit, etc.)
  • Optimizing the way to work in high-speed, high-risk projects

More info and contact

You want to know more about him and his clients? You want to contact him? Maybe, you want to see what model-driven architecture can do for your project?

Visit Matthias' personal website at - there you will find all the info you need. Most of the website is in German because he mainly works in Germany. However, you will find a link "English pages" on the upper left side to get an English overview.