Manageable Entity Namespace Properties

Property Description Required
manageableServiceAccessorPattern how the service should be accessed from the backend Yes, use something like <code><manageableServiceAccessorPattern>${pom.package}.ManageableServiceLocator.instance().get{1}()</manageableServiceAccessorPattern></code>
defaultResolveable Whether or not possible associated entities need their keys listed No, default is true
defaultMaximumListSize The maximum number of entities to fetch from the data-source in a single call No, default is 250
defaultPageSize The maximum number of records to show at the same time No, default is 20
manageablePackageSuffix The package name in which to store the entity's crud related files and resources, will be appended the the entity's default package name No, default is crud
manageableIdDisplayStrategy Denotes the strategy for displaying entities' identifiers, values may be auto, always and never. the auto value means the identifier will be displayed when it has been explicitly modeled. No, default is auto
manageableFormName The name of the form bean stored in session scope, containing the most recently submitted parameters. It's recommended to take a unique name because this will allow you to manage entities in a different browser window without messing up the rest of the application. No, default is manageableForm