Supporting AndroMDA development

As an open-source project the AndroMDA development is driven by people from all over the world spending their free-time adding features, fixing bugs and helping people out on the mailing lists.

Most of the infrastructure, such as SVN, the releases and the mailing lists are hosted by, which is free for open-source development. Our JIRA issue tracker and our Confluence wiki are hosted on a different server, mostly for reasons of performance and configurability, our distributions are also built using that machine, and published more than once daily.

These hosting services are not free, and we are paying for them out of our own pockets. For this reason we have enabled the donations link on the SourceForget project page, users can contribute a little bit and thereby helping us out financially, contributions range from $5 to $250, and can be transferred using PayPal.

So, if you like this project and you would like to support it then just click the link below, it will open in a new window.

Donate to AndroMDA

-- Thanks for helping out!

Chad, Matthias and Wouter.