AndroMDA on #IRC

This page explains how to contact other people to discuss AndroMDA, you will learn how to connect to a dedicated IRC channel.

If you have no idea what IRC is about, then visit this page first:

Chatting and discussing about MDA you will get you the latest information, right from the core. If you have questions or you are stuck you can always try the IRC channel to get a quick answer.

First of all you will need to download an IRC client, you can use any client you wish. IRC does not suffer from the problems of IM in the sense that the IRC protocol is a free standard, since many years lots of clients on different platforms have become available making it very easy to connect with everybody.

Connect to the BeyondIRC server at, ports 6660-6669. The channel is called #andromda. You can try to click here: irc://

For those in a hurry: go through the following steps:

  1. Download and install the client here
  2. Choose and enter a nickname to use online
  3. In the 'Servers' section choose 'BeyondIRC'
  4. Click 'Connect to server'
  5. in the following window add the channel '#andromda'
  6. alternatively you can join channels by typing /join #andromda
  7. That's it, you can now talk to the people that are online.

If nobody would appear to be online then don't worry, we might appear sooner or later. This service has been enabled starting on August 23, 2004.

There will always be a 'user' present in the channel, this is a bot and he is called 'ChanServ'. This is a script that provides the security for the channel and it will kick off anybody that is naughty, so behave! :-)