How-to Guides

A few guides have been written to make it easier to get started using AndroMDA on your projects, on this page you will find the links to those guides.

  • A bird's eye view of AndroMDA
    A step-by-step user guide for people new to AndroMDA
    This user guide is a user contribution and aims at an audience which is familiar with Java (and preferably J2EE), but new to AndroMDA or MDA in general.
  • Project Generator
    This getting started guide is *highly* recommended newbie material.
    Explains how to set up a new project template in which you use AndroMDA to generate code from your UML model. The project templates have been specifically designed for J2EE applications.
  • Bpm4Struts Cartridge
    This howto will teach you how to model your presentation layer.
    Bpm4Struts is a cartridge that is able to generate Struts code from activity graphs and use-cases. This guide briefly explains the way you should approach and eventually model your application's architecture.
  • Spring Cartridge
    This howto will teach you how to model your persistence and application layer, also recommended for people using the EJB and/or Hibernate cartridges.
    The Spring cartridge is used to generate your application's back end, it generates Spring services (optionally wrapped by Session EJBs) using Hibernate POJOs for persistence.
  • Manageable Entities
    Generate all your CRUD features in a matter of minutes
    Explains what is needed to generate CRUD pages, services and DAOs. This feature generates an administration console for your entities that works out-of-the-box, and that will perfectly integrate with the existing application.
  • AndroMDA Server
    Significantly speedup the code generation process
    In this short howto you'll learn what the AndroMDA server can do for you and how to configure and start it.