Training for AndroMDA users

While the Open Source model employed by makes it very easy for you to get access to AndroMDA software, becoming productive quickly requires special expertise and guidance that can come through the training program. Even seasoned professionals will benefit from regular training to remain up-to-date with the latest advanced AndroMDA technologies and techniques. To meet this requirement, Matthias Bohlen has founded and has developed a curriculum of courses that are available through both public and private on-site training courses.

Choose Training Services when:

  • You are new to AndroMDA and need to get up-to-speed quickly
  • You are experienced with AndroMDA technology and want a refresher course or to learn about new capabilities in the latest release
  • You would like to better understand new technical directions in the field of model driven architecture and want to learn about it from the experts leading the innovation
  • You need to train multiple people from your organization at your location (on-site training)
  • You wish to customize the training module to better meet the specific needs of your staff (on-site training) offers a number of different public training courses that take place in major business cities in Germany. The number of participants is purposely kept to max. 10 students per course in order to maximize the experience of the attendees.

Private hands-on training courses enable you to train a team of developers at one time at your own site. There is also some flexibility in the course curricula allowing you to tailor the training course to meet your specific needs - both in terms of subject matter and knowledge-level of your staff.

See the website for more information on available training courses.

I'll be happy to welcome you in one of the courses!

Matthias Bohlen